New Agricultural Machinery – A Must for Every Serious Farmer | Agriculture

There are lots of fresh and innovative farming tools (mowers, slashers, grader blades, stick rakes, harrows, etc) today. No one can deny the fact that this equipment is extremely important in order to raise the productivity. Especially for those who want to succeed on higher levels.Technology has evolved and now farmers are buying agricultural machinery in order to cut their costs and increase the productivity substantially. Luckily, the new agricultural equipment that appeared on the market can adapt to every climate. The proper tools are extremely important for farming, but unfortunately they are very expensive both to buy and to maintain. But there are also a few things that must be taken into account when purchasing them.

NeedsFirst of all, you have to make sure that you know what your requirements are. You can choose between affordability, important features you require, the perfect size that will complement your needs, the level of dependability that you need, the compatibility between the new and the old equipment or whether the latest equipment is multifunctional and can be used in different purposes too.New or old?Another aspect that people need to decide upon is whether they should be buying old or new agricultural machinery. It is true that both categories come with their bad and their good sides, but it is also true that the new equipment is more advantageous than old one. Especially in terms of performance! Not to mention that the new farming equipment has lots of benefits.AdvantagesAmong them are the great warranty period, the income tax considerations, the creator reliability, the easy to obtain financing and the new technology that results in productivity, better performance, etc.Where can you purchase tools of this kind?Farmers can purchase new agricultural machinery at the local agricultural dealerships, straight from the manufacturer, or from the online sellers that deal with the latest products. When the farmers have purchased the equipment they need (stick rakes, finishing mower, etc.), they should know a couple of things about how the tools work or how they should be maintained. In addition to this, there are the safety measures that need to be followed according to strict instructions.

SafetyClothing – farmers have to make sure that they have the perfect farming outfits (skinny). This will keep the farmer safe because the clothes will be protected from getting caught in different, heavy machines. They also have to wear leather gloves and appropriate shoes. You can also wear goggles because they will help you protect your eyes against flames or smoke.Check the equipment – checking the equipment you use is absolutely mandatory. This way, if there are any problems with the tools, you will know what to fix first or how to maintain them. This will be a great way to protect your equipment and enjoy it for a long time.

Third World Agriculture Relies on Precision Farming Technologies | Agriculture

Farmers are facing pressures and uncertainties. At the same time, the new opportunities for new farming are emerging. These changes will be useful and can have lasting impact on the farming industry. Almost 1 billion people live in hunger and live in extreme poverty. Many are small farmers in the developing countries. Their failure or success determines whether they have enough to eat and send their children to school. Now the structure of the agricultural production in the third world has changed in the last 2 decades. Various agricultural research institutes have promoted the adoption of the industrial methods. These new high farming technology methods like using Precision Farming were expected to benefit all the farmers especially the poor ones. Since the yield will increase, the incomes were also expected to increase.

Precision farming is a kind of technique permitted on the management of variability in the performance of the crop. The mix of the guidance systems with driving in hand improves the efficiencies. Precision farming is thought about as a way forward for new farming method. This farming mechanism is one of the top 10 engineering achievements of the 20th century. Before it took 35 to 40 hours to plant and harvest 100 bushels of rice but now the same quantity can only be done for about 2 to 3 hours. Precision farming technologies greatly affects the entire production function of the farm. This new farming technique can produce amounts of records available for the farm management. The electronic sensors are responsible in collecting the data in a short period of time. Of course a lot of disk space is necessary to store all the data. Today, farming is another revolution for precision agriculture.Precision Agriculture is known as very important in maximizing the yields while reducing the damage on the environment. Precision agriculture seems to offer a natural solution to the farmers in the third world countries. Developing countries use almost 60% to 70% of the world’s fertilizers yet these farmers do not know the exact nutrient status of their soils. The global nitrogen use efficiency runs 40% and the water use needs optimization especially in Asian and African countries. Its modern farming technologies began in 1990s when the GPS or known as the global positioning system first became available. The GPS technology allows the farmers to map their fields in a more detailed one and can apply input in the precise location and quantities using the variable rate technology. After that technology, yield monitors are now linked to the GPS which helps show wide variability within the individual farms and the auto guidance helped the farmers to steer the equipment accurately thus result to minimizing the overlapping applications of the expensive fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides. Recently, sensors have been developed to directly access the nutrient levels in plants and soils. Precision agriculture is basically about site specific farming. Moreover, the Agleader Precision Agriculture provides products from auto farm like auto steer system with clutch control and variable rate planting.